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Familia! And now, a public service announcement....And a ripe opportunity to unlearn your own personal prejudices. We ask you to ask yourself: #DoILookIllegal? - and repeat the answer out loud: No Human Being Is Illegal. Given our current political climate & related crisis, we've decided to re-release this video statement (originally debuted 2010), which was originally developed in response to the discriminatory, anti-immigrant Arizona bill SB1070 years ago. Even though the bill was defeated, it's evident that this racist mentality still exists, and even blatantly practiced in recent governmental policies, like the Muslim Ban, nationwide ICE raids, and voter suppression efforts. So, we are still here asking the question 'what does illegal look like?' And if you really think you have an answer, then you need to question your own belief system and consider that you may be part of the problem.

 #NoBan #NoWall #NoHate #Resist - (Prod by EKG films, co-prod by AfroTaino Productions, music: Agudos Clef 'Vive'; filmed on location in Philadelphia. Special thanks to all participants.) PLEASE SHARE!!!

See the entire video here