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Daniel del Jesus' third single 'suite' from La Dolorosa LP: Virgen del Carmen EP released on Friday, June 10th


Virgen del Carmen is the third & final single release from Daniel de Jesús' full length concept album La Dolorosa. This song pays homage to the beauty and the romantic fervor that many Latin American artists have portrayed through the muse of "La Virgen." de Jesus' music looks to sonically embody the bride like portrayal of La Virgen in the Latin American consciousness and share the symbolism of her beauty as a message of hope. As with the previous chapters of La Dolorosa, the single EP is packaged with different versions that explore the corners & fields of the musical landscape, as composed by de Jesús' and his orchestral palette.

Set to levitate toward the stratosphere, cello-wielding front man Daniel de Jesús captivates with his powerful, soaring vocals and steals the hearts of all mortals in his presence. His latest concept album, "La Dolorosa" succeeds in uplifting the music lover's soul with rapturous sweeps, sanctified hushes, experimental electro beats, and his trademark vocal agility. Through the curated release of three EPs, he delivers additional 'suites' - all self-composed & self-remixed - which consist of the lead singles of his full-length album, and features a handful of brand new songs & exclusive versions dedicated to The Sacred Madonnas of the Americas.

Upon first listen, alternative rock purists will appreciate the musical nods that de Jesús offers toward other-worldly rock influences like David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, & Bjork. Soulful & mysterious & unforgettable - that is the sound of Daniel de Jesús.